3D IC Chip Stacking
Wafer level bonded package
Microswitch Array

Microswitch Array

Comsol MEMS modeling

Comsol MEMS modeling

MEMS on Flexible Polyimide

3D Heterogeneous Integration

Microtransformer 100micron loop spac

Microtransformer 100micron loop spacing

High Isolation Metal ohmic MEMS


Material Science Solutions
Image sensor
Wafer level probe

Wafer level probe test

Ceramic micro BGA

Ceramic micro BGA

Membrane based actuators

Auto sensor applications from Yole

Polysilicon resonator

The Great Digital Transformation 


Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition and the newly defined "Great Digital Transformation."  This experience has delivered a clear message through our shared experiential learning and the value of the digital economy.  Everyone now understands the importance of the digital transformationsustainability, green tech and disruption


Today, all industries are going through disruption and digital transformation technologies are key to improving healthcare innovations, business vitality, minimizing operational costs, increasing workforce engagement and maximizing sustainability of business.  Technology is key to maximizing profitability in todays digital world.  


Our experience started at the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC)-the R&D consortia established with the US Government and 30+ top tier OEM companies and located in Austin.  This was the beginning of the acceleration into the Digital Transformation and 4th Industrial Revolution where wireless cell phone technology, ultra miniature electronics, smart systems, automation, MEMS & sensors, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence were developed.  

Rapidly advancing healthcare, genomics, personalized medicine, IoT, 5G, Autonomous Automotive, Aerospace & Defense systems are quickly evolving into a phased known as the 4th Industrial Revolution where cyber-physical systems converge with software-defined networks creating a new paradigm for ubiquitous remote monitor and control systems creating data and tracking everything on the planet.  MEMS & sensors technology are the key building blocks for data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence of physical systems and software defined systems.


We help companies with product development, manufacturing scale up, business strategy, marketing and integration into OEM systems.  

Biometrics  |  Genomics  |  Lab on Chip  |  Wearables  |  Implantables  |  Sweatables   

Autonomous Systems  |  Energy Optimization | Activity Trackers  |  Asset monitor  

IoT Products  |  Aerospace |  Defense Systems  |  Environmental monitors  |  Automotive Safety 

Analogue to Digital OEM Systems | Data Analytics | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | AI Systems



MEMS, Sensors, Fusion
Packaging, 3D Electronics, Systems Integration

We bring to market world-class teams of MEMS and Sensor experts who are industry leaders in the global technology markets. 

Our Core:



Process Development 




Technology transfer

Key innovations are realized when MEMS & Sensors are combined into systems that enable emerging smart system, improvements in operational efficiency, quality, and safety.

Our Core:


lab on chip


flexible, hybrid and fabric electronics & sensors

OEM integration

Machine learning, Deep learning, Artificial Intelligence

We develop software & API's enabling systems to function, gather data, and become smarter as time goes by.

Bringing technology to market



MEMS & Sensor technology is advancing rapidly and still in infancy. 


Our experience started before heterogeneous integration, 3D packaging, wafer level packaging, SIP, MEMS & Sensor Fusion became the explosive growth factor of today's dynamic electronics industry.  We then grew the industry by executing strategic innovation initiatives that successfully converted the aging electronics value chain to a Disruptive Innovation Value Chain.  Now we drive innovation for our strategic partners to enable industries to realize technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart integrated electronics, sensor systems, sensor fusion, silicon photonics, and 3D packaging.


Our experts have deep domain knowledge in modeling, design, layout, concept-prototype, manufacturing, and scale up with core focus on microelectro-mechanical systems, sensors, packaging, testing, and system level integration. 


To be your sensor systems experts accelerating product development using co-innovation business model.

To be the leading MEMS consulting firm

serving companies who prefer to outsource the development of smart electronics, instead of staffing the multi-disciplined engineers and scientists required to bring solutions to market. Our business model takes advantage of decades of world class experience, accelerates your time to market and reduces fixed costs on project budgets.


We turn your concepts into reality by modeling, designing, and prototyping your sensor or integrated system of MEMS, sensors, and heterogeneous components. 


In many cases, commercially available technology exists and can be integrated into a system that will bring the "smart" to your application.  We handle all of your development needs from device design, fabrication, system integration, software/API.  We also develop heterogeneous, MEMS & Sensor containing products such as wearable electronics.  We are the industry's outsource MEMS & Sensors experts saving you time and money with our agile, co-innovation business model.



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